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These are homepages which received my award. Just only those sites are shown, which posted the award. The donation of my award is not done only "mathematically", but based on some rules and my personally impression and feeling.

I want to invite you for a visit to those great sites !
Please don't forget to sign the guestbook you'll find on those sites.
I'm sure, that this will enjoy the owner of the webpage.

The authors spent a lot of time in building their sites
and they did it:

I did it for YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

especially for YOU !


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The award reflects the results based on two factors:
- the set of rules valid in the related period
- the status of the related website "as it was" during valuation
If sites have been updated or renewed, no re-valuation was done without a re-application. This means, that a site which has received a certain award in the past could receive today another award because the rules have been updated or the site evolved.
You want to apply for my award ?
The rules you'll find here.  Come on in and do it - no risk no fun !
To the recipient of my award:
You may understand that I can not check regularly if the links to your website are working or searching for a new one. So it's up to you to inform me if your URL is changed - if I receive your information your link will be updated. Any detected broken link will be deleted, the related site will be moved to the section "Sites disappeared".


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