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Meine Homepage Awards

Ein großes "Dankeschön" an alle meine Freunde im Web, die ihre Zeit verbracht haben
um meine Homepage zu besuchen und mir ihre wunderbaren Awards zu verleihen.
Ein Besuch ihrer Homepages wird Dir sicher gefallen - und vergiß bitte nicht den Eintrag in ihrem Gästebuch.

Seite 12

Ladyses Award Of Excellence
Congratulations!  I would be honored to present you with the Ladyses Bronze
Award Of Excellence. Your site has been evaluated based on navigation, design, purpose, content, originality, creativity, programming style and knowledge, graphics and overall impression. You have managed to give your homepage a warm and inviting image!  Fantastic job!
Ladyses Monthly Winner May 2001
Your site has been selected as a Ladyses Monthly Award Winner for May out of all of the Bronze Award winners for the month. Congratulations! Accepting sites will be eligible for the Ladyses Site Of The Year Award.  Once again congratulations!
Alenka's Pegasus' Award Gold
Thank you for applying for the Pegasus' Awards.
The purpose of our award  program is to recognize the effort you put into creating the pages and to encourage webmistresses and web- masters in further develop- ment of web creation.
We conducted an extensive review of your web site and we have found it to be eligible for our gold award.
Congratulations on a job well done!"
canada graphics
canada graphics
Your web-site has been reviewed, excellent graphics and layout.
Your site qualifies for
Canada Craphics (excellence of design) Award, 2000-2001
Congratulations on a job well done.
SilverSpike Awards
SilverSpike Awards
Congratulations, it is our pleasure to award your website with our Bronze Award.
You have a well designed site that meets the criteria for the award level given.  We appreciate your interest in our program and look forward to visiting your site in the future!

It is with great pleasure, pomp and circumstance that we award your site with our 'esteemed' honors.  Your award is attached in the body of this mail- and we will proudly add you to our winners list upon our next update.  Your website exemplifies that which we seek when reviewing web pages.  It is clean and consistent, with navigation that flows like a great river.  Your use of negative space is wonderful- the colors and theme of your page aesthetically appealing with a calm atmosphere. Your WebPages  'Schwabenland - Michael's Sidhe' make one linger and explore with comfort.  We thank you again for allowing us the opportunity to evaluate your site- your design is lovely.  Please accept our honors and we look forward to revisiting your site often.

We utilize 5 evaluators and all found your site thought provoking and most enjoyable.  This honor is shared with only a few others, is becoming highly sought after and is a difficult award level to achieve.  You have succeeded where others have not- in obtaining near perfection in your scores.  Your site is truly a gem of the web and we thank you so very much for sharing.
Best wishes for continued success with your internet endeavors.

The Silver Ozz Award
Hello, I have reviewed your site'Schwabenland - Michael's Sidhe' in accordance with the criteria for this program. I wa
s very much
impressed with the quality of your site and I could see that a great deal of time, creativity, and effort went into the site you have created. Although you did not receive a higher award you can be very proud of your "OZZ" achievement, and I look forward to seeing your site again if you decide to apply for an upgrade award..


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