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May I proudly present you:

My Homepage Awards

A big "Thank You" to all those web friends, who spent their time
to visit my homepage and dedicate their wonderful awards to me.
Enjoy a visit to their homepages - and please don't forget to sign their guestbook.

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Saturnīs Universe Award
North Queensland Australia
Well what can I say......
You all must have spent hours, as I have, putting pages together to get the end result that you have with "Schwabenland - Homepage of Michael Starz".
You have a great site and it is my pleasure to award you with the
"Saturn`s Universe  Award for Creativity"
The B*I*T*C*H award
North Queensland Australia
Well what can I say......
You all must have spent hours, as I have, putting pages together to get the end result that you have with "Schwabenland - Homepage of Michael Starz" You have a great site and it is my pleasure to award you with the
"The B*I*T*C*H Award for Web Perfection"

Gift for a special Friend from Maeve

Maeve Silvermoons Moon Award. You love fairies ? Visit Maeves home !!
Maeve Silvermoon
Secret Sídhe Realm

Maeves Special Award - I'm absolutely proud of it!!!
Maeve Silvermoon
Secret Sídhe Realm
Maeve Silvermoons Award of Excellence
Maeve Silvermoon
Secret Sídhe Realm
Maeve Silvermoons Silver Light Award
Maeve Silvermoon
Secret Sídhe Realm
Laudatio for all of the Awards from Maeve Silvermoon:
"I found your homepage by surfin´ on the net and looking for great pages - and I found one: yours!"
Yes, go ahead...make me blush! Thanks a mile for your kind words about my site! I appreciate it more than I can say! *smooches*

"Herewith I would like to apply to one of your great awards (they are really great!) I didn´t choose a special one - I leave it up fully to your impression and decision."
Oh, that is fine with me. It is a great pleasure to give you 2 of my regular awards and my special Moon Award! Plus another award I give from time to time when  get the impression that someone really respects me for what I am. I hope you don't feel offended in any way by it...I do not mean to offend you in any way, but with all that you wrote to me I have the impression that you respect the beliefs of others. You really made my heart smile!

"Why I think to deserve your award? First I think I meet your regulations. But much more important, my target is, to overcome boundaries with my homepage - esp. that boundaries in mind. My feeling is that you have the same target - even if we realize it in different ways."
See...that is exactly why I gave you the 4th award! There are far too many boundaries in this world...unneccessary ones in my opinion! It is up to us to try to turn them down especially those surrounded by lies.
This is our only chance to make the world a much better place for our children to live in. And yes, you absolutely deserve the awards I have chosen for you! Your site is done with love and humor...I can tell! My impression was that people really have to feel at home there and you truly give them a warm welcome. The content is very interesting and a pleasure to the eye! So please accept all the awards straight from my heart! They are given with joy and laughter!

"You´re kindly invited to visit my homepage. There are some informations about that wonderfull region in the southwestern of germany, about me and my family."
That was one of the most kindest invitations I ever got! And you are the first one who wrote that much in the box for comments *smiles* and I enjoyed that a lot! Actually I have two other invitations to review sites, but I just put them behind to get to your site first.

"I added some links to interesting places I found in the web and a own site for fine midi music."
I already told you that we have quite a similar taste in music whereas I absolutely love the Irish music the most. *S*

"Visit me and you´ll see  I hope you have lots of pleasure."
Be sure I had more pleasure than you will ever realize! So let me thank you once more with all of my heart for the kind invitation! Btw, I noticed a link at your site to the role playing game "Das Schwarze Auge" (Realms of Arcania)...that made me curious! Are you playing that game? I do! Since a lot of years. It is getting tough at the moment with all the things we have to face there! But by the end of the year this terrible fight against the most evil wizard will be over! What a relief!

"Thanks in advance."
You are always welcome!

"PS: you´ll find me already in your guestbook *grin*"
Thanks a mile! That was very sweet! I appreciate that such a lot!

Now I hope that you enjoy the awards! It is a joy to give them to such a deserving site!


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