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Meine Homepage Awards

Ein großes "Dankeschön" an alle meine Freunde im Web, die ihre Zeit verbracht haben
um meine Homepage zu besuchen und mir ihre wunderbaren Awards zu verleihen.
Ein Besuch ihrer Homepages wird Dir sicher gefallen - und vergiß bitte nicht den Eintrag in ihrem Gästebuch.

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Legends Claddagh
Leprechaun Dolores
Legends Claddagh
Leprechaun Dolores
Ich habe einen Legends Claddagh adoptiert
Leprechaun Dolores
"Um der Freundschaft und Freude willen, einer für Alle und alle für Einen"
Best of the Web, Jazmine´s Paradise
You have a great site, I am very impressed that you did it in both English and German, That had to be difficult. It is very neatly and cleverly laid out. I also like your humour.
Funny Bone award, Jazmine´s Paradise
Laudatio see above.
Shanty Award for Homepage Excellence
Rick, USA
I have just reviewed your site and I am very, very impressed. You have designed it well and done a wonderful job.  Attached you will find your Shanty Award. Please display it on your site proudly. This award is not given out to everybody. Only people with your talents and hard work. 
Best Of The Web Award
Jan, USA
Thanks for stopping by my place, signing my book and applying for my award. I have just come from viewing your site and I can see that you have put a  lot of time and effort into it. I also found it to be very interesting and very well laid out. I think its especially good since you made it available it two languages. So I am pleased to send you my Best of the Web award.


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