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May I proudly present you:

My Homepage Awards

A big "Thank You" to all those web friends, who spent their time
to visit my homepage and dedicate their wonderful awards to me.
Enjoy a visit to their homepages - and please don't forget to sign their guestbook.

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Creative Design Award, Otakou New Zealand Online
New Zealand
Your Web site has been awarded the Level 4 Rated Quality
Your web site received a score rating of  * 87/100 *
Sweetmama´s Magnolia Award - The best One !!!
The Best Award of:
Mississippi, USA
Thank You so Much !
I was so impressed with your work on your website and the changes...
Please accept my highest Magnolia Award....
you have done a marvelous job!!!!
Beautiful Website, Award of Excellence
M Terry
You have not only made a nice webpage, but you have earned the right to this award.  My award isn't just given out to everyone.  I only like pages that are pleasing to the eyes, and pages that are family orientated, and have POSITIVE content!
 Your page made it!
Grey Eagle's Award of Excellence
Grey Eagle
Sault Ste. Marie, Canada
I would be honored to give you my award.  Enjoyed my visit very much. Great graphics and content! Thank you for the chance to visit your beautiful site. Keep up the excellent work.
Outstanding Site Award
Sharonrose / Gypsyrose
Corinth, MS, USA
I visited your site earlier and I feel you have well earned this award and well deserve this.
God be with you always.


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