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In Memoriam
Bastet de Ulma Nova

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This is for you, Bastian

We've had a special relationship.
Do you remember that day in Muenchingen, when you came back from school and jumped exhausted on your bed ??

I was snuggling under the warm blanket and was dreaming beautiful dreams - when suddenly something very big and heavy felt down on the bed - this was you !! I was absolutely shocked - I thought I wouldn't survive that. For 3 months I was offended with you and hissed every time I met you. But than we moved and since I was generous I pardoned you and we were friends again.

Now I can betray it: for reparation you gave me some secret titbits and many very beloved strokes.

Do you know what was absolutely great for me ??? When I could lay my paws on your legs and observe you while you was eating. I had to purr very much and to look at you very amorous. Usually I got something: many beloved strokes, a piece of cheese or sausage.

And when you emptied your milk in the morning, you allowed me to stick my head into your empty cup and to lick the rests - this was beautiful and tasted great !!!!

You was always sooooo tender with me !

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And that's for you, Steffen
We were something special - both of us. 
You was always very proud on me - but you wouldn't show that to everyone.
Therefor you made as if I was a dog - you commanded me: lie down! sit down! come here!

I understood very well how you meant it and purred very much.
When you wanted to make something good, I was your little mouse, your birdie, your little frog...

You liked it to carry me on your arms - and so did I !
When you hurted me by accident, you gave me for reparation many many tender strokes and some titbits - how I loved it !

Sometimes you brushed me and played with me: this was very funny.
It always has been something very special for me when you told me: "I'm proud of you"

I believe you loved me very much.

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My dear friend Michael

I know, you'll miss me very much - so do I !
We understood each other from the first day on.
You always was a resting place for me
... in the morning when you read your newspaper I was lying on your lap
... in the evening when you was watching TV I was lying on your lap
... yes, we haven't had always the same opinion - both of us were pig-headed
... but we understood each other - without words.

When I wanted to get something from you I knew very well how to win you:
... I stood in front of you, looked upon you and made softly: Meowww!
... if you didn't understand this, I rubbed me softly on your legs
... if even that wasn't enough, I sat down between your feet and lent me strongly on your legs - this always worked well !!

I liked it very much to be brushed from you: this was so strong and tender at the same time - I always purred and could never get enough of that.

It was also always great for me, when you carried me on your arms.
When we went to my doctor you always eased me and talked with me softly.

You was with me - till the last moment.

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And that's for the most important person in my live, Ellen

You was much much more for me than my second "mother"
You was simply THE main person in my life.

Yes, you supplied me with feed - each and every day
... you was there when I needed you
... you cared for me when I needed help
... you brushed my coat and wiped my eyes
... I even let you clean my ears
... you cleaned my cat tray   ;-))
... you cleaned up when a mishap happened
... you provided me with my medicine (even if it tasted bad)
... I could be with you every day and watch you
... I could be your little kitty

It was just great for me, when you did your ironing and allowed me to lay on the warm iron desk.
... and even to lay into the fresh linen - how good that smelled !
Sometimes you allowed me to crawl with you into your bed and snuggle under your warm blanket - I couldn't avoid to purr very loud - it was soooooooooo beautiful !!!

When I wanted you to give me something, I just had to hypnotize you with my green eyes: You knew very well, that time for feeding had come.

We've had a very hearty relationship - when you called me by my name I always came to you - only with you - and I always heard you calling me.

You was with me and stroke me tenderly - till the last moment.

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