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How the Brezel came to be

The bakers cat ??

Bite me, bite me, I taste really fine!

Hundreds of years ago, the Count of Urach* had a very famous baker at his yard.
One day it was discovered, that the baker was stealing goods from his Count.
This was a very serious crime in those days (and is still today!).
The yard baker was condemned to the death penalty.
The Count however didn't want to loose his famous baker,
so he decided to give him a chance to save his life.
The baker was to invent a new pastry within only 3 days,
through which the sun could shine 3 times.
The baker was completely driven to despair. He didn't have any idea.
Suddenly, as he was watching his wife,
leaning in the door frame with crossed arms, talking with a neighbor,
a thought came to him:
he would try to imitate the form of the crossed arms with his pastry.
So with that the task was fulfilled and the sun could shine through the pastry 3 times.
The lye on the brezel came by coincidence:
The baker's cat, lying beside the oven, jumped up suddenly and swept the brezels
into a tub with hot caustic solution, which had been prepared for spicing soup and fish.
There was no time to make another pastry. It had to be this one, with the lye.
At first the baker was astonished with the result and then the Count as well.
Since the child had no name, the wife of the Count -
a lady from Italy - was asked for her opinion.
She remembered the latin word for little arms: "bracchia"
and the name for crossed hands: "brazula".
To keep the pronunciation simple, the name BRAZEL was adopted
and later on changed into BREZEL.
This is a former bakery - but not as old as that story !!

Drawing the moral from the story ?
1. Always and first: Cherchez la femme !
2. A lot of germans have italian roots.
3. Some (most?) inventions happened by accident and under pressure.
4. Even cats can help making inventions.

The bakers cat ??

* Urach is a town in Baden-Wuerttemberg, the southwestern part of Germany.

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