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Welcome to my brother!

hey, that's the Starz-Clan from Sindelfingen !



Who´s that ? My brother and my sister-in-law ?

All together

Now, what can I tell about my brother and his family? First off all, my brother is approx. 4 years behind me, that means I'm his big brother and he is my little brother (that was absolutely logical *smile*).

Second, he is the absolutely best brother I have - I have no more other brothers.   ;-)  For me, it was always a big challenge, to be the BIG brother and to take care of him. I'm quiet sure, for him it was a big challenge to be the younger brother.

But that's now some (few) years ago, and I know, that now my sister-in-law, his wife takes care of him  -  or is it vice versa ? The main thing is, both have now to take care of my nieces and my nephew. As you can imagine, they have always a lot to do with that little mischievous gang.

medicine.gif My brother is busy with homecare-products and sometimes, he is practicing as a special kind of medical man. He uses lots of long, thin needles and makes many pricks of needles in the skin of people. He always tells me, that this is a special kind of chinese science, which is called acupuncture.

You must pass the scull to reach the medical experts !
If you want to know more about it,
just press the scull above
(don't be afraid, it doesn't bite you !).

No. 1
No. 2
No. 3


This part of the Starz-Clan lives in Sindelfingen which is a big city in the south of Stuttgart. The most famous industrial product of Sindelfingen is: Mercedes from DaimlerChrysler. Sindelfingen is located directly next to Boeblingen - some people say, that this is one city. But all people from Sindelfingen and all people from Boeblingen I asked for that told me, that this is absolutely not true.

Be sure, THIS is NO Daimler - impossible!

In his free time (if he has one *grin*) he has a lot of hobbies:
- riding his Harley (or even better "gliding")
- collecting tractors
- playing saxophone like Bill Clinton or clarinet
- playing organ
- and last but not least his latest hobby: fishing with flies.

He is tinkering the flies himself with thin and sharp hooks. You see it: needles for people, hooks for fishes ?!?!? Beware !!!!

Fishing? For what ??


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