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sh....t, a second cats now around !!!!!!

Welcome to Felix
... and a friendly Hello !
That's me, Felix
but you're also allowed to call me:
Felix from Saliergrund

sleeping cat

I was born on the 12/30/98
... and on 04/22/2016 I was released without suffering from an unwinnable battle.

At my 17th birthday an lymphosarcoma was detected during an ultrasonic testing in the animals hospital Heilbronn.
Due to the status and in consideration of my goodly age it was classified as being inoperable.

Subsequently I was treated  with cortisone, which took effect against the growth of the tumore and against the pain.
Fortunately this worked well, so that I could stay with my family for several weeks.

Mid of April my condition deteriorated, I had no appetite any more and was diminishing more and more.
Caused by the loss of muscles I could not walk any longer or go to the cat toilet on my own.

On Friday 04/22/2016 - a beautiful spring day - my people and the veterinarian let me go; the suffering had an end.

"When the sun of life goes down, the stars of remembrance are glowing"
Bestowed by Steffen S.


Yes, I'm a capricorn !!

.... no, just kidding: I'm a pure tom cat from head to foot *s*

My cattery is in Waiblingen near Stuttgart Germany and
owned by U. and B. Meixner.


I'm a Somali-cat. Somali cats are quite similar to Abyssinian cats,
but we have longer hair and another ticking in the hair.
Some people say, Somalis are more quiet than Abyssinian,
but believe me: I don't care about that !

My coat is wild colored and I have amber colored eyes.
I have sharp teeth and very sharp claws (but I don't use them too much).

I enjoy my name very much.
The origin of Felix is Latin and means: the lucky one.
Yes, I believe I'm a lucky kitty.


Until the 25th of April 99 I lived with all the other kitties in Waiblingen.
All together we were 5 brothers and sisters - and my mum.

Some other cats where there as well - my uncles and aunts: kitties of British Shorthair and Chartreuse, both races are more calm than we are.


And I'm the only one who moved just now from Waiblingen to Murr.

My new humans took me in their house which was immediately my house !
I was the only cat in that house and this was just great - all for me!
How exciting for a little kitty like me !

Some time ago, my humans lost their first kitty, a red coated
Abyssinian lady - Bastet de Ulma Nova.

So everything was prepared for me, they knew quite well what a kitty needs.


The first days I missed my other cats, especially my little sister Foxi.
I was looking everywhere, but she was not there !!!!

For consolation my humans allowed me, to sleep in their bed in the night - that is great !

Now everything is o.k.:
I'm feeded regularly
.. my humans know very well what I mean when I stand in the kitchen and say "meow" to them

my cat tray is always clean
..very important for me

I can play the whole day
.. if I want
catching flies
or catching spiders and flies
.. if I want

or sleep
.. if I want

or hide in the house
.. if I want

or jump into the beds
.. if I want

or visit the sons Bastian and Steffen
.. if I want

sleeping cat
or being brushed
.. if I want

or just hanging around
.. if I want



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You don't believe that I've a pedigree ?
Just click here !
My pedigree on E.R.o'S.: Link


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