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sh....t, a second cats now around !!!!!!

Welcome to Felix
... and now it's my time -
Julie !
but you're also allowed to call me:
Juliette De Rebis,
"little sweety", or just only Julie.

sleeping cat

I was born on 12/24/2000
... and I had to leave this world on 03/21/2011

My life was a little bit more than 10 years, much too short, but I enjoyed
each and every day with my family and I know they did it as well.
Unfortunately I got seriously ill mid of February with an abdominal dropsy.
During the subsequent checkups the doctors detected, that my liver
and mesentery contained several incurable tumors, which adulterated
my health very rapidly, so that my people had to decide for an euthanasia.
I did not feel much about it because it was like falling asleep, but it was
very painful and sad for my people, who have been with me on my last journey.

"Death is nothing at all
I have only slipped away into the next room
I am I and you are you"
Bestowed by Bastian S.

Yes, I'm a capricorn as well - but a pretty one !!

.... and not only that tom cat on the other site *g*
... and I was a real christmas gift !

I am from the same cattery as Felix which is in Waiblingen near Stuttgart Germany
and owned by U. and B. Meixner.
Our parents are different, so we are no real sisters - even if people believe this!

I'm a Somali-cat too - but a little lady !

I have long hair but mine is much more fine and silk than that of Felix.

My coat is red colored and I have green eyes. I have sharp teeth and very
sharp claws (but I use them very seldom).

My name is of French origin and sounds so elegant when people are calling me.
I like it that much that I do as I hear nothing when they are calling me
and they have to call me more often before I react.


On March 25, 2001 I moved from Waiblingen to Murr.
It was my very first big trip and really exciting when I arrived - I loved all the toys
which have been lying around and started immediately to play with them.

Than I detected that a big tomcat was watching me: Felix, another Somali cat,
2 years elder than me - and all the toys have been his toys !!

Ok, it took a while but than he had simply to understand that I was now there and
he had to share his things with me !


As the newbie I am of course the youngest in the family and I can tell you that
this means a lot of advantages. I could not occupy all the house totally but at
least the big tomcat Felix.

He is now very busy to look after me and of course he is doing what I want him to do.


Do you believe that, now I have such a long tail and it's even moving around !

Well sometimes Felix wants to demonstrate me who is the Boss in the house
and of course in his mind it's him, and yes he is much stronger than I am.
Nevertheless I let him believe this and I do whatever I want
- and I am faster than he is !

Everything else is o.k. so far:
I'm fed regularly - as well as my big "brother" Felix.

When I am hungry in the morning it's Felix to wake up our people,
I have just to follow him and observe how he is doing that.
But anyhow I am not very hungry and I do not eat everything
- I am looking after my weight.

Our cats tray is always clean
..very important for me as well

I can play the whole day
.. if I want

catching flies
or observe and catch spiders and flies.
I eat them very seldom but it is cute to play around with them.
.. if I want

or sleep on all that nice and warm places
.. if I want

or hide in the wardrobes
and observing how often they are looking for me
.. if I want

or jump into the beds
.. if I want

sleeping cat
or being brushed
.. if I want (which I like very rare)

Hier siehst Du meine Entwicklung: 6 Monate - 1 Jahr - 2 Jahre


There are more wonderful photos from me !

... just press the next paw !

Next paw

Hey and I have an own pedigree as well - not only Felix !
Just click here !
My pedigree on E.R.o'S.: Link 


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