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The Ladies !


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My wife Lady E.

beatq56r.gifSome "few" years ago, she was busy as a kindergarten teacher toon1.gif . Then we married. After the birth of our first baby Bastian A37.gif , she was our private kindergarten teacher. Two years later, our private kindergarten expanded - the number of children increased dramatically and was doubled A37.gifA37.gif  - our second baby Steffen arrived. Lady E. did the job without doubling her capacity - and she did a good job.
Up to today, she cares for her family A31.gif,  the cat and the house. Her most famous hobby is ironing baru21.gif;-))

But honestly: she loves reading and listening good music; in most cases we like the some style of music. Did you know, that some years ago she used to play a bass guitar A38.gif  ?? In some very special cases, her nickname is "sheriff"; you can imagine that this is necessary with 3 men in the household?

She's the biggest fan of our cat - and vice versa, because the cat needs her very often for getting feeded!!

Btw: Lady E. is a synonymous for Ellen (but don't tell her!!!)
Our First Cat

She was an Abyssinian cat her name was "Bastet de Ulma Nova" and she got 13 years old.

Sometimes, she was a sweet little baby cat - especially if she wanted to get something to eat from her humans. Sometimes she was a little house tiger; mainly if she smelled some cats from the neighborhood - or if it was not necessary to be a little baby cat. We were very very happy, that she allowed us to live in her house and to sit on her chairs. She really was generous to us stupid humans.


She always was looking for food and goodies to steal, and as a result she's had now some problems with diabetes mellitus. We had to feed her with a strong diet and to give her pills and drops against diabetes.

On the 15. november 1998 she passed away.
Visit her memorial site.

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