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Awards Program

Before continuing the submission please answer yourself the following questions:
  • Do I have a professional homepage (HP) or something is offered for money ?
  • Is my HP designed with professional support - and not by myself ?
  • Do I have a promotional- or a fan website ?
  • Do I have a pure gaming or a pure awards site ?
  • Is my HP a pure portal or a pure collection of links or photos ?
  • Does my site include discrimination, racism, any kind of violence or links to such sites ?
  • Do I offer pornographic or perverted content or links - including adult jokes ?
  • Is my website a pure beginner HP, did I start just shortly with web design ?
  • Am I on the way for a mass application ?
If any of this questions are answered with yes please stop submission - your site will not be validated.


  • Am I at least 15 years or older ?
  • Is my HP in German and/or in English language available ?
And in case of re-applications:
  • Did I respect the elapse time of 4 months since last application ?
  • Does my HP have major improvements or changes since last application ?
If any of this questions are answered with no please stop submission - your site will not be validated.
Yes, I´m sure to meet your Rules and will submit my page !
My name:
My email address:
Name of my site:
Brief description of my site: (chars left: 2500)
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