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I was born on 26 December 1951 in the Southwestern part of Germany. Some information about me, my business and my likes and dislikes you'll find on his personal site. After an education in a big international telecommunication company in EDP systems and some computer languages like Cobol, Fortran, Assembler I started my career in the sales and marketing organization. After that experience I changed to the domain of supply chain management and was responsible for worldwide customer order fulfillment. My first international job was a central planning function which was followed finally by the worldwide responsibility for IS/IT systems of Corporate Procurement and Sourcing.

I started experiencing the internet  mid of 1997 which led to first activities in web design as a hobby mid of 1998. In December 1998 I've launched my own awards program and improved it continuously. Of course I am not a professional designer but doing everything by self study and experience.

I am creator and validator of the MAoEP (Michael's Award of Excellence Program) which is currently rated at: Award Sites! 3.5, UWSAG 3, Paris Excellence Awards Club 2* (closed), King of Awards (closed), Webs Awards 8.5 (closed), GTA international 2*, Member of Website Awards Worksheet, Websawards,, The Awards Award and member of APEX.

More than 1.200 websites are validated since the beginning and more than 500 received one of the awards. Sites are validated in German or English language.

System used for evaluation:
Windows XP, Connection ADSL and ISDN, Resolution 1024x768, Netscape 4.78, 7.2, 8.0. Internet Explorer 6.0, Firefox 1.0, Mozilla 1.73, Opera 8.5.

Purpose of my award

To make your own (and a good) homepage is a hard and intensive job for an author. Believe me when I say that he is very pleased to receive recognition for this stressful job. Really good homepages are rare. I am sure you know lots of sites which waste your time and your money by viewing them.
The purpose of the award is to act as a motivation for homepages with high quality and good content. I wish it to promote private, non-professional, personal homepages which represent a high standard or which try to reach this standard.
The purpose is neither to increase the traffic or the entries in a guestbook of a homepage nor to promote products
My rules are not a dictate for designing your homepage but, hopefully, they shall provide you with hints as to how many points you can receive in my evaluation of your homepage. I admit that this is my opinion - but it is my award as well!

You are convinced that your site deserves my award ?

All right, then you should apply for it ! Your site must not be perfect (my own is never perfect), but it must comply with my rules to receive an award !!  Observe my rules and send me your application with your URL together with a few details about your site.

What will I do with your application ?

I will visit your homepage and contact you  with the result. You'll receive a message even if your application was not successful. My response time is usually approx. 4 weeks. The process of validation is as follows:
- a very first visit after receiving your application
- first rough check against the criteria "validation not possible"
- if your site does not pass this criteria you'll receive a mail with a refusal
- if your site passes that criteria I take the time to  visit your site several times
- last visit is just before writing you the mail with the final validation

If you are successful  and receive my award, and if you post my award on your site, l´ll post a link to your site on my special site for the award winners, the "Hall of Fame". You may understand that I can not check regularly if the links to your website are working or searching the new one. So it's up to you to inform me if your URL is changed. If I detect a broken link I'll delete this broken link.

My decisions are final and can not be discussed.

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