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Awards Program


In general:

My awards will only be given out to personal sites and personal created homepages. Validation is not possible for:
- professionally designed or commercial homepages offering something for sale
- pure beginner homepages
- promotional sites (e.g. done for your most favorite actor)
- pure gaming sites
- pure awards sites
- homepages of clubs or associations
- forums
- homepages with password protection
- homepages with discrimination, racism or any kind of violence - this includes dirty or discriminating jokes
- homepages with pornographic or perverted content or links
- mass applications
- applicants which are not at least 15 years old (see COPPAcheck COPPA here statement)

Your International homepage must be available in English language - pure German sites are accepted as well  (I can not read sites which are e.g. just in Spanish language).

After validation a new application or an re-application for an upgrade is not possible before an elapse time of 4 months.
Re-applications without major improvements or within the period of 4 months could be blocked for at least 6 months.

Personality (between  0 and max. 30 points)

Here you may receive besides the design most of the plus points because the award is dedicated to "personal" homepages.
- it has to be YOUR homepage, YOUR creation - and done by YOU
- does the homepage reflect the personality of the author ?
- is the homepage created with a personal touch (e.g. short biography and photo of the author) ?
- did the author take special care with its arrangement ?
- does it give an impression, that it was created with your head and heart  ?Heart
Even a pure functional homepage but with a personal touch, may receive some points. Without personality you will receive none  or only a few points!.

Content (between  0 and max. 20 points)

- the homepage must consist of at least 10 sub pages.
- no points for pages which offer links or downloads only.
- the content should be interesting for the reader- and not for the author only.
- be cautious with text: who likes to read pages with more than 300 lines ? This will receive no points.

Design (between  0 and max. 30 points)

Essential for the valuation:
- harmonious overall impression of the layout of the pages (do the buttons fit to the page ?)
- is the usage and the design of the buttons unique or are there different buttons on each page and are
  they positioned differently on each page?
- backgrounds: for me it is not important that the homepage uses just only one single design for all
  pages - in that case the impression may be boring and unimaginative. You may use different back-
  grounds but they  should fit to the theme.
- music: I like it - but it should fit to the site or to the theme.
- flash or Java: is no prerequisite but as well no advantage in the evaluation. Excessive usage however
  may cause deduction of points.
- fonts: I know that there are fantastic fonts existing. Excessive usage however may damage the design
  and takes points, more than ever if I first have to install those fonts.
- for graphics and photo's, alternative text must be available.

max. 5 - 10 photo's per site (depending on the size of the photo's)
no "under construction" signs (a good homepage is always under construction!)
max. 3-4 animated gif`s per page are acceptable (depends a bit on the size of the gifs)
max. 1 popup window is acceptable.

Quality/Function (between  0 and max. 10 points)

- the navigation must be easy and clearly marked, you should not need to use the "back button" of your
  browser, not even on sub pages.
- the buttons must work as well as navigation menus.
- no visible "broken links" or "broken images", some few do not mind but may cause minus points in
- embedded music has to work.
- Is it possible to switch off automatic music ?
- links behind pictures or graphics must work.

Added value (between  0 and max. 10 points)

I have added this criterion because some authors offer more than just only a pure self presentation (e.g." this is me with my rabbit"). The visitor finds a source of important information or intellectual values.
You may earn points for e.g. reviews of books, self maintained download pages (not only links to Microsoft), receipts, poems, help for web newbies, travel reports, life assistance etc.

Originality (between  0 and max. 10 points)

- Is the homepage cute and does it have the certain something that leads to stay and to come back ?
- does the author choose an original theme which can not be found very often ?
- does the homepage offer interactive content which invites to participation ? This results in plus points.

Subjectivity (between -10 and +10 points)

Well this is a kind of joker - but a subjective one. Minus points will be given e.g. to homepages which have a good design but contain a site with dirty jokes as well. The same is valid for some single "broken links" or "broken images".
Vice versa a homepage which is not perfect may earn plus points if I have the impression, that the author is a newcomer who took special pains with his/her homepage.
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