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Updates on my homepage or on my projects
01/27/10: My awards program received from Award Sites! a Distinguished Rating for its 10 plus years listing. Hey, unbelieveable how fast time flies!
11/20/09: Again new awards are given and published in the 'hall of fame'.
07/13/09: Some more new awards are given and published in the 'hall of fame'.
10/28/08: Some new awards are given and published in the 'hall of fame'.
08/18/08: The site about "me" is updated and a new award which I received is posted.
07/14/08: Updates on the Awards Program Membership site.
03/30/08: Another project is now online: a professional website designed for "Medizintechnik Stephan Starz Sindelfingen Germany - Link (only in German language).
03/02/08: I've embedded a Chatroom into my Hallux Forum (only in German language).
10/03/07: New awards are granted to some interesting sites - see the hall of fame - and a major cleanup of sites which disappeared meanwhile is done. 
06/03/07: My site received some new awards, you'll find them here. Thanks a lot to the webmasters who donated them.
05/15/07: The Hall of Fame 2006 and 2007 is updated with lots of new awards dedicated to fine and interesting websites.
01/03/07: As I receive since quite a while every week several dozens of fake awards applications, it was always difficult for my spam filter to separate the real ones from the fake applications. To make live difficult for spamers I've added now a captcha to the application form. By that an application can only be submitted if the security code of the captcha is correctly entered. Additional the applicants will now receive immediately a confirmation mail. Hope it helps.
12/20/06: The Hall of Fame 2006 is updated with lots of new awards dedicated to fine websites.
04/13/06: An Easter Special - designed by "Mike Gieson" (©2002 plaino). Graphic intensive - it needs some time to load - but you should not miss it !
04/02/06: The site with Search Engines is updated, some outdated ones are replaced. KartOO is a very special graphical one!
02/18/06: Some new awards given in 2005 are published in the hall of fame. 2006 is now prepared for new applications.
10/21/05: The site "News and Services" has been added where changes on the website are announced and some services are offered. This is additional a benefit for the  layout of the entrance site.
10/03/05: A new update of my hall of fame with lots of new awards.
07/02/05: It took a while to update my hall of fame but now it's done - some new awarded sites are uploaded.
01/27/05: Due to the increasing flood of viruses, worms and hoaxes I offer here actual information on that subject.
01/03/05: The awards sites are updated for 2005 and some sites which received my award are entered into the hall of fame. For sites which received my award in gold a special description is now included in the hall of fame.
02/22/04: Some new Thoughs are uploaded.
01/20/04: Dozens of new and cute Flash Greeting Cards are available now in the Post Office.
12/27/03: the Hall of Fame is updated with recently given awards. The Awards Program Membership is updated.
12/05/03: Added a midi search engine on the site with midi music - and News on the site with Thoughts.
11/11/03: Some smaller adaptations in the awards program and in the guestbook. 
08/24/03: The Hall of Fame is restructured and updated with new Awards.
08/11/03: The route planning tool "" on the region site is replaced by "Map24".
06/28/03: I've added two new services for you: a mailing list on my midi site and a "Tell A Friend Service" right below on this site.
04/27/03: Finally Julie is on the air !! Visit our little cutie and click on "The cats".
04/26/03: The site of Felix is updated and new photos are added. Click on "The cats".
04/20/03: The Midi site is re-designed and 18 new midi files are added ! Go to listen !
04/02/03: An Easter Special - designed by "Mike Gieson" (©2002 plaino). Graphic intensive - it needs some time to load - but you should not miss it !
02/23/03: Today I added a site map including a search engine on my website. Try it out !
11/25/02: I changed to a Bravenet Guestbook as Lycos could not solve the problem. EACH new entry is highly appreciated !
10/20/02: Attention: In the moment my guestbook is down. I don't have any glue what is the reason for it, either somebody with a very bad character cracked it or there are problems with the guestbook server. I asked my provider (Lycos) for support and I hope that it is back soon. Sorry for inconvenience.
11/12/02: Lycos is still working to solve the problem, I received nothing but 7-8 mails with the statement: "We're currently working on an issue that may be causing the problem you described. We hope to have it resolved very soon. Thank you for your patience."
11/25/02: No solution available from Lycos. I decided to put a new guestbook on my site. Please take your time, visit my new guestbook and fill it up again ! Thanks !!!
I like music and music is on each of my sites but I know that this is a matter of taste. On some pages the music is starting automatically, on most of them you may start the music if you want. You can do this very easily: Just right click on that symbol music.jpg which you'll find on the top of my sites, a menu will open - choose "stop", "play" or "pause" - that's all.
Here you may download 7 free fonts which are looking nice on homepages: Carnati SSI, Lucida Handwriting, Park-Avenue, President, Sonyanna Script SSi, UnciaDis Bold, Verdana (239k)
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