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Welcome to the me!

okay, that's me, Michael


That's me.
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I'm working every day hard as a dog in an international company named Alcatel. In Stuttgart we are the "daughter" of our french "mother" Alcatel France.

Now since Dec 2006 Alcatel SA and Lucent Inc. (a previous competitor) merged to a new big company with a new name "Alcatel-Lucent". To be part of such a global company marriage is quite challenging and exciting.

Most of our products are used in telecommunication like switching systems, transmission and access systems, cable, batteries, transport systems and mobile communications. Our customers are mostly authorities or big companies like the "Deutsche Telekom", "France Telekom", "Belgacom" or big American providers.

Private people know such products like the Alcatel-Handy "One Touch Easy", Saft-batteries or the french high speed train TGV.

The company is busy around the globe and I have a lot of good colleagues not only in Germany, but in Belgium, Canada, China, Czech, France, Italy, Norway, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain as well as in UK and in the USA - now even more than before.

Mid of 1997 I started surfin´ on the web. It's a great experience how you can overcome boundaries, collect information and meet people from all over the world without any problems (but don't have a look to your telephone invoice!).

Beginning of 1998 I started a new experience and tried to create my own homepage - as you can see. This one is already the fourth edition. Why in english? It's the most common language in the WWW and it's for me a good training to do english exercises. My dear native visitors from the US, Canada, Australia or Great Britain: if you find any mistakes please tell me via E-mail !!!

I'm member of ICQ and you can send me a message to me via ICQ as well.

ICQ-No. 7794676

Hey, thats me on a short holiday trip in May 2002 with my son Steffen in Paris - is it really me ?!?!

Thats me as well !

Some of my interests you'll find below.

~*~*~*~*~ Music ~*~*~*~*~
Dancing smiley

Bluegrass, Country, Classics, Gospel, Jazz, Rock, Blues
Techno, Hardrock, Heavy Metal, Modern Jazz, Gildo Horn

Some few examples what I like to hear:
Marcia Ball
Chris Barber
Chet Atkins
Ray Charles
Carlene Carter
Sheryl Crow
Joe Cocker
Freddy Fender
Dire Straits
Vern Gosdin
Fats Domino
Good ol´ persons
Elvis, The King !
Emmylou Harris
Golden Gate Quartet
Waylon Jennings
Bill Haley
The Judds
Georg Friedrich Haendel
Reba McEntire
Patricia Kaas
Oak Ridge Boys
Raymond Lefévre
Dolly Parton
Jerry Lee Lewis
Johnny Paycheck
Wolfgang A. Mozart
Bonnie Raitt
Carl Perkins
Linda Ronstadt
Statler Brothers
Joe Sun
Status Quo
Randy Travis
Hans Theessink
JJ Cale

--- to be continued ---

 ~*~*~*~*~ Computing ~*~*~*~*~


Surfin´ on the web
Visiting Homepages
You'll find some of them on my links-page !
Building an own PC
(this is my hardware configuration)

Visit my Pass this door to my WorldsAway-page WA-page

Working with Excel and Powerpoint
Trying to create homepages  ;-)

Visit my Truly, my homepageŽs got Awards !  Awards

~*~*~*~*~ Wandering ~*~*~*~*~

We have some wonderful regions in the South of Germany,
especially in the region of the Black Forest,
around the Bodensee or even in Bavaria.

Just try it out!

~*~*~*~*~ Model Railways ~*~*~*~*~

My favorites are:

For trains and engines:  Maerklin Digital HO (Link)
Thats a famous Maerklin-Train

For cars:  Herpa (Link) and Wiking (Link)

For houses:  Vollmer (Link)

---  it's never finished  ---

~*~*~*~*~ Reading ~*~*~*~*~

Umberto Eco
James A. Michener
Wolfgang Hohlbein
Wilbur Smith
Noah Gordon
Alistair MacLean
Sidney Sheldon
Nelson DeMille
Frank Yerby
Ken Follet
Markus Heitz

--- to be continued ---

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