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Welcome to the sons!

to the sons !


Our elder son Bastianweb.gif
In summer 2009

He is (still) two years older than his only brother Steffen. From time to time he liked to ride his bike and to meet biker friends - or should one better think about biker ladies ??

His last bike was blue Honda NX 650 Dominator (his  second one), the very first one was a Yamaha XT 350, after that he bought his first Honda NX 650 Dominator followed by a Yamaha TT 600 S.

Yamaha XT 350
Honda NX 650 Dominator
Yamaha TT 600 S
Honda NX 650 Dominator

Hey! There's another world out of Harley Davidson!

With the red Dominator he has had an accident on 22.05.99. It was a shock for us when we got a phone call and he told us that he was lying in the hospital. The bike was totally damaged but besides a fracture of a bone and some scratches nothing severe happened - thanks god !fgame.gif

I supposed, one of the next one's would be a Harley - if we have enough room in our garage (and he enough room in his money bag). In cases of troubles with the bike he was his own bike garage (why do bikes have more troubles than cars ?). In his free time, he liked very much to work with his own computer on graphic design, playing games and making maps for this games. I think, he had the biggest map collection of games.

puter.gifAs a hobby he was designing some times with his PC. One of his creation you can admire on my awards-page. He was proud of it. He started his business as "Fantasy Worlds Design" - his own and very private company. I suppose he would have been absolutely proud and would have done his very best, if he would have received lots of orders on creating awards. What else shall I tell you about him?

After his inchoate apprenticeship as industrial clerk he was engaged with a job at Renz Company, a company producing letter boxes - it seemed he liked this job. After that various smaller jobs in different companies followed.

Finally he decided to start in autumn 2002 an education as a male nurse in the hospital of Backnang - btw. the location he was born some years ago. Since the start of the education he checked out from 'hotel mama', living now in a small flat apartment in the previous dormitory for nurses of the Backnang hospital.

In fact he could finalize 2005 his education successful as male nurse, but unfortunately he was not hired by the Backnang hospital. Since then he is again busy with future planning and many other things. His preferred wheeler is right now no longer a bike but a VW Golf.

Our younger son Steffen
catch me!
His majesty: King Steffen I.

He (and only he) believed some time that he was a relict of the middle ages and he is two years younger than his big brother Bastian. His main two hobbies have been times ago biking with his mountain bike or with his racing bike and sometimes playing "Das Schwarze Auge" with his friends. Das Schwarze Auge is a series of fantasy games which you can play together with friends for weeks and weeks, one of the main roots for it are coming out of the stories of J.R.R. right and you'll see a bigger picture

He finished his social year as a janitor in an old peoples home some time ago. Since that he was busy with several jobs including one as a biking courier. After his last job in the warehouse of a big telecommunication company (Alcatel what else ?) he started finally an education as warehouse specialist with ABX Logistics, which is a big international forwarder. He likes his job there. ABX Logistics

ADFC Germany In his free time he is often on the road with his bike; sometimes alone and sometimes together with his friends of the ADFC - a bicycles club. Now they have their own hompage as well:  ADFC Ludwigsburg - sorry but only available in German. 

From time to time he visited the homepage of Rolf Jaermann a famous driver from Switzerland. Rolf Jaermann has a homepage on VELO-Pages where you can find a lot of information round the bicycle and bicycle racing. In times of the "Tour the France" you'll find him always watching the tour on television.

He's now proud owner of an own computer, of a new racing bike, of a drivers license etc. (hey and what's about that girl friend? who knows?). Additional he did a drivers licence for forklifts !

He was also a big friend of dogs; you could find him sometimes visiting an animal home in the neighborhood. This was getting more seldom in these days, cause he had to spend most of his time in the old peoples home and now with his job as a biking courier.

Now that's Steffen on a short holidays trip in May 2002 in Paris - cute, and the big shoes !!!

Steffen with Big Shoes in Paris

Now in July 2009 most of the facts above have changed, of course likewise as Steffen is getting older. In his professional life many things changed meanwhile. His location of ABX Logistics was acquired back in May 2006 by DLC DLC
As this was not going well, DLC disappeared and Steffen had to change again just one year later in May 2007 to Schmalz+Schoen where he is very engaged until today.  Let's cross fingers that this holds for a while.

And for the private part of his life? Now, a lot of things happened which will not be explained in all details here, just to mention a vacation with friends in Greece with some subsequent turbulences and after that some virtual experiences with Mongolia. His hobbies however changed seriously: away from biking and playing fantasy games directly with friends towards playing excessively the notorious online game "World of Warcraft". This game is for sure fascinating and captivating but it could hook the players as it continuos and continuos in plenty virtual worlds; many players can not stop and spend hours after hours and considerable charges.

His racing bike is hanging around quite sad in the dusty garage, dust on the saddle, rust on the chain, flat tires and waiting since long now for a new ride in the nice regions in the neighborhood of Murr, but the favorite vehicle is now a black wolf (VW Lupo) which is of course more comfortable as it has 4 tires and a solid roof over the head - everybody can understand this.

The old friend
The new love
The old friend
The new love

Since some time he is planning to get an own flat, but up to now Hotel Mama is quite comfortable. Let's wait what the future will bring.

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