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Note: Unfortunately WA no longer exists. So these pictures and the text are already historical !
WA was replaced by  V-Zones which is following the same principles but requesting a monthly membership fee.

The current "hotspot" for virtual worlds is Second Life © a worldwide digital place in which even political parties are active:
Quote 2007-05-17:
Second Life is a 3-D virtual world entirely built and owned by its residents. Since opening to the public in 2003, it has grown explosively and today is inhabited by a total of 6,240,591 people from around the globe.


Behind this tumbnail is a big picture of the city.
There is a virtual world on the internet called WorldsAway (WA). It's full of fantasy, creativity, communication and contacts. You can enter this world, choose a body (male or female) a head - which is not normal in normal life - you'll get some money and you enter the community as a new Avatar. The money is called tokens - would be the right name in real life. In WA you can buy hats, glasses, drinks, clothing, furniture, flowers, fun stuff and lots of other things. If you are no longer satisfied with blue pants, just go to a vendo, buy some red bodycolour and spray your pants into red. 
Or if you want to change your head: buy a new one (this is for sure more expensive) take some hairspray and change the colour of your hair. The tokens you need, you'll get from ATM's (Automatic Teller Machine). For each minute you are in WA, the ATM is collecting 1 Token for you. That means, as a newbie you are very poor and have to stay some hours in WA before you can buy all those interesting things you'll see at the other Avatars. 
Later on - if you have enough money - you can rent a flat and deposit all your treasures in your personally flat. There you can also meet good friends without being disturbed by strangers. 
The most interesting feature however is to meet people from all over the world online and in real-time! 
You can join groups of people with special interests or making games in a turf. You can walk around and express your feelings with gestures like waving, jumping, looking angry or happy etc. On some places are meetings of people like a "german corner" on the west fountain. The most common language is english. 
If you don't want, that everybody can read what you're talking, you can switch to the ESP mode. In this mode, just only your recipient can read your messages.
When seasons are changing, some locations are changing contents as well and you can buy e.g. winter stuff just only in winter in special Vendos. On Santa Claus, you even can meet Santa Claus himself. Other special events are on Halloween, Christmas etc. 
It's also possible, to get married in WA and in some cases, people learnt each other first via WA and then in Real World.
Some time ago, a huge V-Mart was opened where you can buy all that things you need and even that things you don't need - just as in real life. But be very sure: you'll need a lot of tokens to buy all that interesting things - again just as in real life. That means, you'll get a big telecom account until you're full equipped *grin*. 
Between the avatars, it's always a big challenge in trading and changes things.
Important technical information: The virtual world WA is based on a client/server software. Before you can join the WA-Community, you must install the client software which you can get via CompuServe. There are some other worlds on the net like "Hotel Silicon", but WA is that world with the most locations (as far as I know).
Lucy and me - out of the 68'th - right into WA
Lucy - your picture Really looks great !
and CU in WA
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